How to report a concern or contact Bing

Information about how to report offensive results, intellectual property concerns, or other concerns about a website's content.

If you have a concern about particular URLs or other information contained in search results, you may report these to Bing. Reporting a concern will not necessarily result in removal of a URL from search results. Bing limits removal of search results to a narrow set of circumstances and conditions to avoid restricting Bing users' access to relevant information.

If you see factual errors or other issues on Bing, you can alert us through the Feedback link on the bottom of the page. See below for other ways to contact us and get more info about Bing.

Bing Search APIsexpando image

If you are developer with questions about Bing search APIs, click here for pricing and additional info.

Bing Adsexpando image

If you have questions about your Bing ad, sign in to the Microsoft Ads portal for support.

Bing Pages (beta)expando image

Click here for more info about enhancing your brand through Bing Pages.

Bing Placesexpando image

If you have questions about adding your business to Bing or correcting your information, go to the Bing Places portal.

Bing Mapsexpando image

If you have an issue with Bing Maps, click here and then select the feedback button on the bottom of the page.

Bing Webmaster Toolboxexpando image

If you are a webmaster or site owner with questions about your presence on Bing, sign in to the Bing Toolbox portal.

Bing Desktop and Bing Wallpaperexpando image

Bing Desktop has been incorporated into other products. To add a new Bing image on your desktop each day, install Bing Wallpaper.

Bing app for Androidexpando image

To give feedback on the Bing app for Android, email

Bing app for iOSexpando image

You can provide feedback right in the app, or leave a comment in the Apple Store.

Bing community forumexpando image

Ask questions and get answers here.


Bing doesn't control the content that websites publish or that appears in Bing search results. To make sure content is removed from search results, your best option is to contact the webmaster for the website that published the content and request that it be deleted or removed. Even if Bing removes the URL from search results, it will continue to exist and can be discovered by going directly to the web address until the webmaster removes the content from their website.

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