Medical information on Bing

Find out how Bing works with experts to review our medical content.

Medical information on Bing comes from trusted medical content partners and the Bing knowledge graph. Information on many medical conditions is reviewed by a panel of medical professionals.

What medical information is available on Bing?

  • Medical conditions: Learn about causes, symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments. We help you discover information on prevalence, transmission, frequency, duration, treatment effectiveness, and vaccines, along with medical illustrations.
  • Medication: Learn about side effects, interactions, warnings, and typical dosages. This includes drug class, common brand names, and conditions a drug may treat.

What sources does Bing use for medical information?

Information about medication on Bing comes from First Databank and other medical websites. Focus Medica provides information about general medical conditions, which is reviewed by a panel of medical professionals. The panel does not review specific Bing search terms or the results displayed for those terms. The panel currently includes:

  • Dr. Bo Burns, DO, FACEP, The George Kaiser Family Foundation, chair in emergency medicine (University of Oklahoma)
  • Dr. Ilya Aleksandrovskiy, MD (University at Buffalo)
  • Dr. Patrick Kearns, MPH (Harvard Medical School), PGCert Med Ed (University of Glasgow), MRCP UK
  • Dr. Rahul S. Gandhi, MPH (Harvard Medical School), MBChB (University of Auckland)

When you search for medical information, you may see a section called 'People also search for.' This information comes from search behavior and our knowledge graph.

When to consult a medical professional

Medical information on Bing is not intended as medical advice and doesn't apply to everyone. Contact a healthcare provider if you have a medical concern. In the event of a medical emergency, call your doctor or local emergency number immediately.

How to report incorrect information

If you have feedback about medical information on Bing, use the feedback link at the bottom of any page.


Medical information is available only in some countries and may vary by location. Information is only provided on the most-searched topics and is not meant as a comprehensive list of conditions or treatments.

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