Microsoft Bing Local Expert terms of use

Microsoft Bing Local Expert Principles/Terms of Use

The Microsoft Bing Local Expert program is dedicated to helping you discover the world around you. Our goal in featuring user-contributed content on our platforms and services is to enhance our users' experience, helping them preview and explore places nearby or across the globe. We go to great lengths to make sure published user-contributed content is useful and reflects the world our users explore. Microsoft supports diverse, authentic conversations and content about local businesses. This is a safe, inclusive, and respectful forum where participants are responsible for their posts and how they treat one another. Civil discussion requires respect, even in disagreement. Our Microsoft Bing Local Expert guidelines are designed to uphold these values, and we strive to provide transparency and clear guidance on how to comply with them. While the Code of Conduct section of the Microsoft Services Agreement applies to all Microsoft products, Microsoft Bing Local Expert community offers so many ways to interact with others that it benefits from an additional level of explanation.

Who is qualified to contribute content to Bing Local Expert?

In order to participate in the Bing Local Expert program, you must:

  • Sign in with a valid Microsoft account
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Participate on behalf of yourself as an individual person. Organizations, brands, and businesses are not eligible for the Bing Local Expert program


This is a place for considerate, inclusive discussion. Everyone here has the right to participate free of:

  • Harassment
  • Bullying

Building a trusted community means respecting others and showing up authentically:

  • Don't impersonate someone else, whether a person or organization
  • Respect other people's privacy, including by not contributing images or videos of others where you don't have permission, or that are taken in potentially sensitive locations such as hospitals or schools
  • Don't trespass or try to gain access to any property or location where you don't have permission to be
  • Contributions must be based on real experiences and information, and uniquely created by you

Abusive or illegal conduct is not acceptable here. Report posts that include:

  • Violent content
  • Illegal activity
  • Risk to self or others
  • Profane language
  • Hate speech

Finally, respect the community, and do not post:

  • Material that infringes another's copyright or trademark
  • Defamatory, deliberately fake, or off-topic content
  • Personal or confidential information of yourself or others
  • Spam, viruses, malware or phishing


If a contribution you make is flagged, it will be reviewed. If it does not meet community guidelines it will be removed, and you will receive a notification with guidance on how to meet community standards. When necessary, we will suspend your ability to submit content. Continued refusal to meet community standards may result in a permanent ban, which you may appeal through our feedback channel. You can report images, comments, and user profiles that you deemed violating the guidelines.

Photo-specific tips and guidelines

Sometimes a photo is worth more than a thousand words. It can help people better visualize and explore a place more than words alone. There are many ways to improve a photo's quality. For example, it will be helpful to leverage the natural light, focus on the core subject you want to capture and try multiple angles before submitting the final shot. Low quality photos (blurry, dark, or duplicate from other source) will negatively impact our user's experience and therefore will be removed.

Permission to use your content

Our Bing local UGC program is designed to let you upload, submit, or share your content. You have no obligation to provide any content to us and you choose the content that you want to provide. If you choose to provide your content, your content remains yours and you are responsible for it. Any submission, including photos, information about a local business, your profile image, and username, is considered "Content" as defined in the Microsoft Services Agreement. In addition, you grant Microsoft and its affiliates a worldwide, royalty-free intellectual property license to use, reproduce, save, modify, aggregate, promote, transmit, display or distribute your Content as part of a service, and sub-license those rights to third parties.

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