Explore the homepage

Find out how you can download, get more info, or turn off the Bing homepage image.

To help you explore the world around you, Bing has a new homepage image, video, or panorama every day.

Find out more about the subject

To find out more about the subject of the daily image, video, or panorama, move your mouse over it to reveal the daily quiz. Each homepage quiz has information about the subject and links to find out even more.

Get information

For information about the image, video, or panorama, in the lower-right corner of the image, hover over Info.

Download or save the homepage image

You can download most daily homepage images. To download an image, hover over Info and click Download today's image. To save the image to your My saves page, click the heart icon on the top of the Info card.

See previous images

Click the Previous and Next arrows in the lower-right corner of the image to see the last seven days of images.

Customize your homepage

In the upper-right corner of the page, click three-line icon, under Customize your homepage, click Show menu bar or Show news and interests to hide or show them.

Turn the image off and on

  • To see a gray background instead of the daily homepage image, use this link to turn it off.
  • To see the daily homepage image instead of the gray background, use this link to turn it on.

Set Bing as your homepage and search engine

Use these links to set Bing.com as the homepage and make Bing the search engine for this browser. If Bing can't automatically set the homepage or the search engine, follow the on-screen instructions.

Stay in the know

To get updates about the homepage and other news about Bing, like Bing on Facebook or follow Bing on Twitter.

Some features and functionality described here may not be available in your country or region.

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