Using Bing Visual Search

Find out how to search on Bing using an image.

Visual Search lets you search the web using an image instead of text. You can use Visual Search to find similar images, products, pages that include an image, and even recipes.

How to use Visual Search

  • Select the Images tab at the top of any search results page, or go to Bing images.
  • In the search box, select the camera icon

On a desktop or laptop, you can:

  • Drag an image (from Bing, another website, or a file on your computer) into the box
  • Take a photo with your webcam
  • Browse/upload pictures from your computer
  • Paste an image or URL

Note: Your PC must have a webcam to use Visual Search.

On a mobile device, you can:

  • Take a photo
  • Use an image saved on your device
  • Browse and upload saved image files

Bing will search the web using your image. The search results will include pages that are using the image, related images, and other information.


The photos you provide may be used to improve Bing image processing services.

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