About interests on Bing

Never miss a beat when you personalize the Bing homepage with the things you care about, like top news, stocks, weather, and more.


What are interests on Bing?expando image

Interests help you stay up to date with personal interests like news, stocks, and local weather, so you always have the latest information on the topics you care about. You might also see interests related to your activity on Bing and MSN. For more details please see our privacy statement.

How do interests work?expando image

Once you've added interests, Bing tracks them for you and shows you related news and updates on the Bing homepage, as well as in emails, notifications, and other areas. In addition to the interests you've added, Bing will suggest interests based on your activity on Bing and MSN. For example, your Bing searches, clicks, and MSN page views are used as inputs to provide a more personally relevant experience.

What types of interests can be tracked?expando image

Right now, there are a limited number, but we'll be adding to those interests to continue making your Bing experience more personal and relevant.

Where will I see my interest updates?expando image

You'll see your interest tiles on the Bing homepage. You may also see your interests in emails, notifications, and other areas.

How do I add interests?expando image

You can add interests by clicking on the star next to some search results and browser notifications, or by selecting Add Interest on the My Interests page.

How do I remove an interest?expando image

Some interests can be managed from your search results by clicking on the highlighted star, or you can go to My Interests. Select the interest you’d like to remove in My Interests and click Delete.

Privacy and settings

How do I stop receiving personalized content and updates based on My Interests tab?expando image

Go to Update Preferences in My Interests and turn the toggle off.

Why do I see interests I didn’t add?expando image

When you sign up for interests, you'll see a few starter interests, like weather and headline news. You might also see interests related to information you’ve provided to other apps or programs that you’ve linked to your Microsoft account, like Cortana or MSN. Bing will suggest interests based on your activity on Bing and MSN. You can add or delete interests at any time.

Does Bing use the information I provide to show me targeted ads?expando image

Bing doesn’t use your interests information to show you targeted ads.

Signing in

Why do I need a Microsoft account to use interests?expando image

A Microsoft account connects your devices and accounts seamlessly, so you’ll always see your interests on any desktop browser, as long as you’re signed in.

Why can’t I see my interests when I’m not signed in?expando image

To see your interests, you must be signed in with your Microsoft account.


Some features and functionality described here might not be available in your country or region right now.

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